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In this Word Project, you will be editing a pamphlet for a veterinarian office. The document that you will open is your starting point. You will not need to open any other document to complete this project. All resources that are needed to create this document are located below.You are given a task but you must figure out the exact steps to complete the assignment. I have changed some of the tasks so it is not the same exact project that you completed last time.

Good Luck

Your finished product will look similar to this but again there are some changes.

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  1. G’day Ms Burton,
    One of the mentors in the student blogging challenge has contacted me about one of your student blogs. A couple of weeks ago they could leave a comment on Rin’s blog and Rin replied. But now she can’t find her comment, the reply or anywhere to leave a comment on any of the other posts.

    I wonder if Rin has changed themes or has ticked a box somewhere saying no comments allowed?

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