My name is Valerie Burton and I am an English Teacher at West Jefferson High School. I currently teach Advanced Placement Literature and English IV.

This blog is our online white/black/chalk board. I post our daily assignments and resources onto this blog so that each of my scholars can see what we are doing daily.

EACH DAY we will visit this blog to see what assignments and notices are being posted.

The assignments for the English IV classes can be found above by clicking the E4 tab and the assignments for the Advanced Placement classes can be found by clicking the AP tab.

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on “About
One Comment on “About
  1. Hi Valerie, I really am excited about what you are doing, and I am not even in your class. This website has ignited my internal flame to make me want to create an online reference for my high school scholars. I just want to thank you for that
    Sincerely, Deborah

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