on “Are women “naturally” more evil than men?
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  2. To be honest, I actually think women are naturally more evil than men. Yeah, they lie and cheat. I think we way worst. We can manipulate in many different ways. Make them do many different things we want them to do. We know things they dont know and use that to our advantage. Like for example, we know the systems for everything businnes wise, all they do is work so of course we have advantages on them.

  3. Women are more evil for one simple reason – You cannot trust a single word that they say. Things women say have nothing to do with anything outside of their own self-interest. To women, reality = their social/financial standing. A woman will screw you over so badly in order to help herself. Women don’t really care about your personal well-being so much as what you can do for them. This is why they don’t contribute much to civilization. They might sleep with someone who does, which they equate, but if someone else comes along who makes a little more money, drives a nicer car, whatever, she will without hesitation start screwing the other guy in secret.

  4. Actually, Men are more evil. However it may seem like women are evil but it’s usually just us. for example, if a girl cheats on you. She’s not evil, you just weren’t as good as they other guy , stuff like that that we guys don’t want to believe.

  5. I certainly think women are better at being more evil in some ways that men are not.
    They make very good liars and gossipers and as a victim of an evil woman myself, it almost destroyed my reputation and character, and surprisingly I was pretty much a stranger to the woman concerned.
    I don’t know how women are with men generally but they can certainly be very vicious with each other.
    I think they are sadistic in some ways men are not. The Victorians had this view of women as being the more sadistic sex, and I happen to share that view.
    I tend to avoid women nowadays so I can hopefully stay away from the bile that comes out of their mouths.
    It is not hatred on my part – it is simply damage limitation.

  6. Women are not evil They are emotional you have never seen a woman like Hitler Or one that would kill so many people..yes there are some who kill,lie,and cheat but most crimes are made by men such as murder,lie,cheating and much more. We live in a world ran by men and religion. Of course women are gonna be put down and blamed for mistakes because we still are not equal Its a shame.

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