Direction of our lives

Do we control the direction of our own lives or do forces outside of our control determine our destiny?

First, take two minutes to list every person, event, or place that has changed you in some way throughout your life.

Secondly, select one item on the list and write about how it has affected your life.

Third, what do you think? Do you have control or is it fate?

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on “Direction of our lives
50 Comments on “Direction of our lives
  1. I think I control my way in life. I do what I’m suppose to and success. I don’t like other people control me and tell me what to do because its annoying.

  2. I believe hard work is what determines your destiny but I believe we only control our life to an extent. Everyone has to make there own decisions and the choices we make are like a solar system, we all interact and we might clash with each other and crash or collide positively.

  3. We can control our fate. We chose our action and this action lead to the changes of the world. Slavery all started when white came to Africa and thought black was an not human. If the white thought of them as equal at the time, history would have rewrote itself.

  4. We control the direction of our lives because you can do anything you can set your mind to. Destiny can only happen sometimes. I have control because I do not think anything or anyone has control over what I want to do in life. Your parents can not stop you from doing what you want.

  5. Both. We know what we have to do to make sure our lives go in the direction we want. Along the way there will be forces that would stop us, or make us go in another direction. NO force is too hard to overcome! You knw your direction in life so you should be able to get through that force and keep ya life moving.

  6. I believe that both ourselves and also outsiders control our lives. I believe ourselves do because we make choices for ourselves and shouldn’t let people convince you to do anything. I think others do too because some people get influence off of things that others do and try to do it also.

  7. My family, friends, teachers, boyfriend and God has affected my lives. My family has put all their power to help me do whatever i want. They allow me to have own oppinion and they go along with whatever decision i make. I believe that you have the opportunity to steer your own path for your life. I think that you can do whatever you want to do as long as God is on your side. Just because you come from a rough area, doesn’t mean that you can not get out of that area and go somewhere else to become someone with yourself. I’ve been through plent of problems, trouble, and pain but I won’t allow any of that to stop me from doing what i want in my life. Some people may influence others to not do what they want but i won’t allow anyone to stop me.

  8. A list of every person,event,or place that has changed me in some way throughout my life is in high school.
    Recently I made a choice that pretty much made me feel irresponsible.It made me unhappy and maybe that someone too.It made me want to talk to someone I can trust. What I learn from that day from talking to a good mentor is that I need to be patient and wait.In the mean time,I need to get ready when that day comes.It a long and hard road,but that’s life.
    Do I have control or is it fate?Thing’s happen for a reason.It has it up and down,but that won’t stop me from realizing what’s important here and now.I had control,but fate is a lot stronger then it is.

  9. i think fourses outside of our control determines our destiny because god already knows what’s going to happen before it happens.
    my family, friends, places i’ve lived, sports i’ve played, and things i’ve done.
    my friends have affected my life by different things we’ve done and somethings we’ve said to each other.
    i think it is fate and god controls it.

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  12. i think we do control the directions of our lives because our life will turn out good or bad based on our actions that weve made throughout our lives.

  13. My mom, my dad, coming to Louisiana, and Kyle.
    Kyle has affected my life by teaching me that I should never change the person i am for anyone because they will most likely not change for me. I believe it was fate. i don;t think you can control you life unless you really try to.

  14. My life is going in a outstanding direction so far. Im enlisted in the Army and taking Dental assistant classes. My life is going to go in the direction of me being a dental assistant in the military.

  15. Hurricane Katrina was one event that affected my life. It forced our family to leave, and go somewhere where we’ve never been before. We moved to Texas for a few months, then moved to Atlanta for three years. Through the course of those years, i met new people, new family members, and had many experiences that i would never have had if Hurricane Katrina never came. It wasn’t necessarily fate, but an act or choice of God.

  16. Once something bad happened to me, a friend did me wrong. That was the day I really learned that everybody not loyal and that I can’t trust everybody. After that day I started being on my own and not count on everyone, and I kept my circle small. I guess it was fate, because how it happened, it was time for me to stop depending on everyone else, and just depend on me.

  17. A person who changed my life is Chanc Lyons my uncle. He taught me everybody is not your friend and they dont really care for you how your family does.He always tells me dont trust these so called friends when you really need them they not their only you family is.

  18. The one person that changed the direction of my life is my Uncle Pema. When he die a year ago it changed my life quickly a piece of me was missing. I felt lonely and didn’t want to be bothered. But now I have my sister to fill in my whole that I have in my heart.

  19. A person who has changed me my life is Kid Cudi. Cudi and I have been through tough lives. His courage to chase his dreams inspire me to never give up no matter how much stuff life thows my way. Even though he greatly inspires me i have control of my life and will walk a diffrent path them him

  20. I think the most crucial change in my life was caused by me joining Omgafoo. These guys have taught me a lot and they still continue to this day. One of the best things they did for me was helping me get away from the crowd I was with at the time and keeping me out of trouble. I think it was both fate and a wise choice from myself to join them. Omgafoo is Original Music Group All From Opposite Origins.

  21. Moving to Louisiana changed my life, I learned a lot of things once I moved down here. I learned some slangs I never heard of. I met people who made me and broke me.

    I have control of my life and decisions, I can determine my future and no one can control me.

  22. Do we actually have directions of our lives? not actually. Many outside things or people can quickly change the way you live your life. alot of outside things have affected my life, and somewhat changed the person who i am today. But then again certain peple may be really determined to live life the way they want to without anything or anyone getting in there way.

  23. Personally, I think we control the direction of our own lives. It is up to us/our chose to choose the right or wrong paths for our life. I feel like if you make good decisions, good things will happen in your favor. When you make bad decisions, bad things will start to happen to you. So i think we choose our own directions of our lives.

  24. I think that for the most part the direction of your life is dependent on you and only you. There is luck to be factored in, but anyone can push through any cicumstance that life throws at you if you are perseverant and determined to get wherever you want to go in life.

  25. In addition to my earlier comment, i would like to say that for it was Nicki Minaj who chose her own destiny and thats why she is a celebrity. In contrast to Nicole Richie who’s celebrity lifestyle was already chosen thanks to her father’s limelight.

  26. I believe that we are ultimately in control of our own life and of our destiny. Although, there are some outside forces that can hinder or totally destroy the way you planned your life out to be. For example, if you are diagnosed with a life threatening disease that alters your life in a major way it can prevent you from doing the things you wanted to do in life, which is not your fault.

  27. We control our destiny. The decisions you make effect the outcome of a lot of things. You have to live and learn. If you make a bad decision that is you choosing your destiny.

  28. My basketball coach changed my life. First, i didnt care about basketball, and i thought it couldnt get me far in life. Now i am working so hard to get into school using basketball. I control my future because of the way i work. My coach changed my mind, not my body. i have to push my self to the maximum.he doesnt work out for me.

  29. People that have affected my life are my parents, my family in general, my friends, teachers, classmates, and most importantly my mistakes.Although all of these people have impacted/affected me in a certain way, my mistakes have affected me the most because I learn from them. I can do things again and again until I perfect them myself. I think that we can control our lives but at the same time so does fate. Noone really knows why the future has to offer for us.

  30. A person, place, and event that has affected my life has been my parents, my friends, high school, school in general, my environment, the community I was raised in, and the people I choose to surround my myself with.

    I think that the one place that has affected me the most is high school. In high school was where I found the true person I will be for the rest of my life. I chose myself without the influence of others the people I want to hang out with and the choices I choose to live with for the rest of my life. I feel like in high school I go through the most obstacles and it has formed me as the person I am today. That is why I think high school has affected me the most.

  31. A person, place, and event that has affected my life has been my parents, my friends, high school, school in general, my environment, the community I was raised in, and the people I choose to surround my myself with.

    I think that the one place that has affected me the most is high school. In high school was where I found the true person I will be for the rest of my life. I chose myself without the influence of others the people I want to hang out with and the choices I choose to live with for the rest of my life. I feel like in high school I go through the most obstacles and it has formed me as the person I am today. That is why I think high school has affected me the most

  32. my grandmother died in my arms when i was 9 but 3 months before that i was raped then my little brother was born. i was only 9 at the time there was no reason for my life to have happened that way it was never karma because i had no knowledge of what right and wrong was so i came to the conclusion that someone is controlling my life because if i was in control of my life the those things would have not happen i would have never went o foster care 2 months later if i had control but i don’t god is seer of good and evil and he does things to you for a reason what he did to me made me strong but i lost out on a childhood i had to grow up to fast and not im more mature then i should be i lived live not in the way a child should have. god purpose has been done now all i have to do is keep going.

  33. I believe we control our own destiny. My parents aren’t always there for me. I am my own parent most of the time. In my situation, my father left me with my mom when I was very young. Most people believe that if there aren’t two parents, the child will grow up corrupt. I do not believe this. I chose to be the best I can be in school and I learned how to provide for myself.

  34. yes we do ,we control the directions os our lives ,because we the one that choose to come to school ,or to finish a carrer ,so that in a future you be somebody that your family be proud of.

  35. we have complete control over our lives. no one can make us do something we dont want to do. every decision made is up to the person. Theres nothing in the wind that affects peoples choices.

  36. yes we do control the direction of our life, we could do anything if we put our minds to it and if we keep our mind stood striaght we could have whatever direction you wont.. good are bad.

  37. I don’t think we control the direction of our lives. The force beyond our control does, God. He has already planned what we’re meant to do.

  38. I strongly believe that only you have control of the direction and destiny of your life. However, the people in your life do effect the most important decisions in the direction of your life and the destiny of your life.

  39. The person that has changed my life the most would probably have to be my little brother. Even though he’s only 2 years younger than me, I feel like as his older sister I need to protect him. He’s shown me what it means to have a friend and that you should always put family first.

    I believe that everything that happens is for a reason. Things are going to happen but it’s up to you to make something out of it. You can either make everything something positive or dwell in the negativity.

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