Thursday and Friday

Ahem, we are still in school. We might be located at 2200 8th Street BUT you still have work to do. I know that we don’t know what the next few weeks will look like but I’m acting like we’re going to roll up to WJ on May 1st and continue certification tests. The district site reads that this work, Plato modules and packets are “Optional At-Home Learning Resources” but I’m still working and I expect you to do the same. 👀👀👀

Sorry that we weren’t able to celebrate those of you who did get certified before we left. 🥳But it’s my goal that when we get back, our wall will be larger than Ms. Williams and Ms. McGowan’s.

Most of you didn’t add content (prompt responses, pictures and videos) to the slides 🤔 so I will extend Monday and Tuesday’s assignments to Wednesday and Thursday.

Kudos to those of you who are faithfully completing GMetrix modules.

Smooches. Love you. Miss you. WASH your hands and stay safe.

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