Wednesday 3/25

We will all start fresh and begin working in Illustrator 2018 .
Today, you will need to complete the pre-assessment and the video notes for Lesson 1 – Purpose, Audience, and Communication

😷 Sign in : Which would you prefer, being at home and taking your classes online or taking your classes in school?
😷 DoNow: Domain 1 pre-assessment
😷 DoNext: Lesson 1’s video notes. You will need to fill in the blanks on the worksheet using the videos as a resource.

The 1st Domain is Working in the Design Industry.
Do your best on the pre-assessment. You’ll be surprised about how much you do know.
Video Notes Lesson 1: Purpose, Audience, and Communication 00:09:01
a. Audience and Audience Needs
b. Communication Techniques
c. Project Management Terms
d. Project Management Phases

Tomorrow you’ll be able to retake the preassessment and complete the lab before you begin working Lesson 2.

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