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Blogpost: Is the Internet making you meaner?   

Have you ever had an experience online where you felt you could say whatever you wanted?

Use this viewing guide to help you with your post.

Stop video at 1:47: What is the online disinhibition effect?
Stop video at 2:28: What’s the difference between toxic and benign disinhibition?
Stop video at 3:11: What’s the problem with online anonymity?
Stop video at 3:47: What does internet lag-time mean ?
Stop video at 5:44: Is it always the Internet’s fault that people act out online?

Sentence Frames for Discussions

Use these frames to write your own response:

  • I think _______________________because _____________________.
  • After researching ____________, I discovered _____________. This shows _____________.
  • In my opinion, _____________________ is strong evidence that shows ________________.
  • In my experience, _______________________.
  • According to ________________, [this is happening].
  • The evidence that supports my statement is from______________. It says ____________.

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