hump day

You should be putting the final touches on our websites. You should have 5 pages on your website:

  1. Home w/ an About Me component. Be sure not to add personal items.
  2. Passions w/ at least 3 things that you are interested in. Take some of the items from your Who Am I? presentation. You’ll also need to embed the slides on the bottom of your website page.
  3. Learner Profile – make a copy of this document and complete it. You will embed this document on to this page.
  4. Dig Med I page – you will embed the 1st document you completed
  5. Your blog

The order you place them in is up to you. Your site should also be customized:

  1. Theme selected and modified
  2. Layout components added

You’ll then need to create a blogger blog that will be added as a page (via link from your blog)

Complete your Learner Profile

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