Wednesday Entr

Have you finished the highlighted items?

Assignments that must be completed for certification

  1. Business Concept Evaluation Package
  2. Elevator Speech and 3-slide Presentation
  3. Personal Job Description
  4. Performance Feedback
  5. Second Hire Scorecard
  6. Networking Assignment
  7. Developing a Business and/or Marketing Plan
  8. Business Pitch Exercise
  9. Feedback to Classmates
  10. Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) Exam

If you have, be sure to search your Google Drive to look at the Food Truck Business Plan that you all created during the first semester because you will have to present your plan to be evaluated by the class. Are you ready for that?
These slides should help with the Business Concept Evaluation

Certification students:

Bryan Allen
Maysa M Awawdeh
Eric Brignac
Keshaun Brisco
Jay-Rohm Buenaventura
Bella Cabrera
Mariah L Chiasson
Christian Cruz Jr
Monique Garlick
Michael Harris Jr
Kyah Houston
Faith Hoye
Sabrina Hunter
Amari Hunter
Trinniti Johnson
Laniker Le Riche
Liliana J Lumpkin
Kolbey Miller
Jordan Mills
Camron Rabalais
Melroy Ragas Jr
Jazmine Richardson
A`Dante Simmons
Cheranisha Simmons
Brenton Smith
Donyell Thomas Jr

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