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Q1) Can CCR develop stakeholder engagement IT systems that provide the company with a sustainable competitive advantage?
A1) Yes. Our beta systems are already online and working with our pilot projects

Q2) Will the bureaucracies of the large corporations and government agencies that purchase restoration services understand and buy CCR services?
A2) Yes … although we think it will be critical to provide substantially lower prices to the first few customers so we can implement “proof of concept” projects that give CCR a track record future buyers will find reassuring

Q3) Can CCR compete against large, well-financed and well-known environmental mitigation consulting firms?
A3) Yes. CCR will use innovative sales and marketing techniques to demonstrate how we are different and better than current competitors. We will help potential customers understand that our services are better at engaging stakeholders and gaining their support for critical coastal remediation projects, while our subcontractors are the same experts they’ve used before

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Cajun Coastal Restoration (CCR) needs one or more investors to provide:

  • $3 million in capital: $1.5 – $2 million upon launch, $1 – $1.5 million over the next 24 months as CCR achieves key technology development and revenue goals
  • Contacts with key potential buyers in Louisiana corporations and both state and federal government agencies; over time, additional contacts with corporations funding projects in other targeted markets
  • Advice on sales and marketing efforts that will help CCR achieve its ambitious sales goals

Below are the assignments that need to be completed for you to secure your state MicroEnterpise credentials

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