Thursday, 11-29 Ent


we will retake an assessment and discuss the results.

You will need to prepare to take the Micro-Enterprise Credential certification exam that focuses on six different areas:

  1. Self-Assessment Key Terms-demonstrating an understanding of the behaviors required for successful small business employees and owners / entrepreneurs (25% of certification exam questions);
  2. School versus Workplace Expectations-demonstrating an understanding of how the expectations of the working world are different (and more demanding) than those of high school (5% of certification exam questions);
  3. Business Structure-demonstrating mastery of a limited number of concepts regarding business organization and the identity of state and federal agencies relevant to small business formation/operation (10% of certification exam questions);
  4. Credit-demonstrating an understanding of:  a) different types of credit; b) key financial terms relevant to credit applications; c) the structure and complexity of different types of credit applications, d) the cost and availability of different types of credit (25% of certification exam questions);
  5. Key Financial Terms and Business Concepts-demonstrating an understanding of a limited number of key financial terms and business concepts (30% of certification exam questions);
  6. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility-demonstrating an understanding of a limited number of concepts regarding business ethics and social responsibility 5% of certification exam questions).

The Micro-Enterprise Credential Certification test will not include computation questions.  Computation questions will be on Certiport’s international certification test.  But because I know that being able to compute is an essential skill, as we study, we will be computing.

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