Mission 31 Use 2 memes to list some of the 9 Steps to Starting Your Small Business. (click here for the steps if you need a reminder)      Click here to create your meme 
___________________Mission FA – Elevator Pitch Flipgrid completed? https://flipgrid.com/c52ac208

___________________Mission F – Find a Clue by Solving A Riddle
Hopefully the only reason you might visit this spot, is to get picked up early when you aren’t feeling so hot. The principal and secretary spend most of their time here, working hard to ensure that we have a great year. Take a groupie and Scan the QR code

___________________Mission C – Solve A Riddle to Find a Clue Who on campus would you consider
The Keeper of the Records?  Take a groupie and Scan the QR code
___________________Mission 7 –  Four steps of Effective Writing quiz Completed?

___________________Mission 17 – Define Entrepreneur in 20 words. https://padlet.com/msvrburton/in20words ?

___________________Mission G:  Ethics and Responsibilities quiz completed? Here is the Ethics handout if you need it 

___________________Mission 2 – Create a comic strip that defines two Self-Assessment words of your choice. https://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/   

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