Friday Entr

DoNext:Self-assessment Quizizz game code 716587

DoAfterThat: You will need to either create a Google Slide presentation that presents your Business Pitch for your Food Truck orrrrr complete incomplete assignments. Here is the Industry analysis article that you need for your slides.

⇒Make sure that you’ve completed incomplete assignments
  1. Self – Assessment questions and responses
  2. Communication Handouts
  3. Evaluate Business Pitches and Invest make a copy and complete
  4. Complete Notes on 4 effective writing rules
  5. Writing rule exercise 1
  6. Ethics and Responsibility form
  7.  Ethics and Responsibility notes Complete Ethics and Responsibility exercise
  8. Also, be sure to join the Quizlet classes to study your vocabulary lists. 1st period-Quizlet class and 2nd period-Quizlet class. You need to study Business Start up, Company Registration and Self Assessment Vocabulary lists
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