ENT Friday

DoNow: Typing.com

DoNext:b: Use your notes to answer the following questions on the top of Entrepreneurship page of your ePortfolio

  1. What is an entrepreneur?
  2. List the 9 steps for starting a small business.
  3. What is a pro forma?
  4. Define differentiated offering.
  5. What is the purpose of a launch plan?
  6. Explain what a target market is and give 3 examples.
  7. What are some inexpensive ways to advertise?
  8. What insurance coverage might a business owner need?
  9. Define deductible:
  10. Why do most successful small businesses start and succeed?
  11. The characteristics of effective advertising are:
  12. “Low Price” is hard to defend because your competitor___.

DoLater: Find 5 ads and identify their

  1. Product name.
  2. Product.
  3. Describe the differentiated offering.
  4.  Describe the target market for the product.  
  5. Which of the 3 characteristics of effective advertising describe what makes this ad effective.


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