Yes, we are still working on our Business Plans. Today I will be looking at the business plan drafts that you have uploaded. (or not.) It seems as though many of you haven’t uploaded anything to your blog and I’m seriously confused. 

If you haven’t started your business plan, download this document and begin typing on it. If you have already created a document, you can insert it. Essential parts of a business plan Management Team Plan

Today, you will need to complete and upload your business plan with these sections completed:

Management Team Plan
⇒Why are you and your partners qualified for the job? (You may make up this information, but it should still be believable/reasonable information.)
⇒Where will you get advice? Will you hire consultants, have any partnerships, or an advisory board (somewhere you can go to get advice)?
Company Description
⇒How big will your company be? Number of employees (you will start out with only 1 truck)
⇒What is your business concept?
⇒What will you be known for?
Product and Service Plan
⇒Describe the products AND services you will offer. You do not have to include your menu here, however, you should be very specific about the types of foods and services you will offer your customers.
⇒What makes you unique? (you should come up with actual ways you are unique, do NOT say we’re the best, greatest, most awesome, most delicious, etc. I want actual information)
⇒What products will you expand to once you get started? AKA spinoffs
Vision and Mission Statements
⇒Write a clear vision and mission statement.
⇒Vision statement-what is/are your purpose, values, and beliefs?
⇒Mission statement-what are your aspirations of a company and major goals?
Industry Overview
⇒Use the Internet to research the food truck industry. This section should be 2-3 GOOD paragraphs (5-8 sentences each) in length. I have some links on class blog
⇒What are the trends and areas for growth in the industry?
⇒Government regulations? Main modes of marketing? How will seasons affect your business?

Here are your competitors: 

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