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CREATE your own version of the poem
I am from ____ (an everyday item in your home)
from _____ and _____ (products or everyday items in your home)
I am from the ______ (description of your home) _____ (a detail about your home a smell, taste, or feel)
I am from the_____ (plant, flower, natural item)
The _____ (plant or tree near your home) whose _______________ I remember as if they were my own.
I’m from ____ and _____ (a family tradition and family trait)
from ______and ______ (family members)
I’m from ______and _____ (family habits)
and from_____. (family habit)
I’m from _____ and _____ (things you were told as a child)
and _____ (a song or saying you learned as a child)
I’m from______ (a family tradition)
I’m from _____ (place of birth) and ______ (family ancestry, nationality or place)
____and _____ (family foods)
From _____ (a story about a family member)
_____ (detail about the story or person)
_____ (description of family mementos, pictures or treasures.)
______ (location of momentos under my bed, ______ (more description if needed)


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