Copy the questions below and respond to them on your blog. Which would you prefer? Type your answer after the question and change the color and font of your answer. Add a plugin to allow you access to different fonts.

  1. Sleep in a doghouse every night for a week or stay awake up for three days?
  2. Have hands for feet or an extra pair of arms?
  3. Write the best novel in history or invent the best recipe ever?
  4. Read a one-thousand page book about yourself or write a one-thousand page book about yourself?
  5. Be able to control the weather or be able to control time?
  6. Never eat candy again or never drink soda again?
  7. Have to sleep on a cold concrete slab for the rest of your life or only eat saltine crackers for every meal forever?
  8. Only be able to speak in movie quotes or only be able to speak in rhymes?
  9. Would you rather enter a World Ugliest Person pageant or a milk chugging contest?
  10. Have an awesome talent and never get recognized for it or become famous for doing something stupid?



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