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You need to register or log in to Gmetrix to test.


You will need to create a video using that brings attention to an issue that you are passionate about. possible topics

You want your video to convince an audience that your topic is an important one and worthy of being researched. Student example: 1, We are going to use to create your video via a class account. Your Proposal Pitch video will need to contain P.E.E.L. information.

  • Point is your research question
  • Evidence refers to your research topic
  • Explanation explains why your research topic matters
  • Link will be your call to action = you hope that other people will agree with you.

We will use to create these videos.

I expect for you to have a draft of your video on Tuesday and the completed video by Wednesday. Student samples 1 2

1st period’s email address is – password is Buccaneers1

2nd period’s email address is – password is Buccaneers2

4th period’s email address is – password is Buccaneers4

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