What are some of your favorite fast foods?

Our next Word document will be a mini research based assignment that looks at the trends of Fast Food in America. To prepare for that assignment, you need to find the nutritional value for 10 of your favorite fast foods. For instance (pizza, bacon cheeseburgers, french fries, cheesecake, brownies with nuts, shrimp and pasta, shrimp stew, broiled steak, loaded baked potatoes, salad with chicken and fruit)

Using Google Scholar or another search engine specifically for scholarly articles, research a current news article or blog post related to fast food in America.

  • The article or blog post should be published no earlier than a year prior to today’s date.
  • Once you have found an article that discusses current trends in fast food consumption.
  • You will need to take notes and record key words from the text on YOUR BLOG.
  • After reading the article, discuss the overall meaning of the text briefly with your group members. Then, in your own words paraphrase the entire article on YOUR BLOG

**This MUST be in your own words. You are not copying anything word for word.

  • The summary should be a minimum of 7 sentences.
  • Once you have read the article, discussed the text, and written the summary, you should complete the worksheet on the following page.
  • Your answers should be thorough and well thought out.


In a Word document you will need to answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

1.) Identify 3 words from the text that you are unfamiliar with. Define them and explain how the word choice makes a difference in the passage.

2.) What are 2 of the main ideas from the text? Explain and analyze how these ideas are developed throughout the text.

3.) Explain, in your own words, the significance of this text.

4.) Using the given text, cite strong textual evidence that supports your analysis of what the author’s purpose is.



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