Buying a computer

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One of the assignments on the EverFi site deals with computer shopping. Your assignment today is for you and your shoulder partner to research features and prices of a computing device as if you were going to purchase it. Get information about a laptop, desktop, or iPad/tablet.
You will need to:
a. Choose the type of device that you would like to purchase: Laptop, desktop, or iPad/Tablet
b. Go to a reputable website that sells computing devices
c. Research the different options based off of the following features:

  • 1. Display Quality
    2. Display Size
    3. Hard Disk Drive Size
    4. Memory (RAM) Size
    5. Mobility (High/Medium/Low)
    6. Operating System
    7. Overall Size (Inches and Weight)
    8. Processor (CPU) Type
    9. Price

BEFORE beginning your search, define the following terms:
Operating System
Mac OS X

Leave me a comment and let me know what device you are going to buy and why you chose it.

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on “Buying a computer
6 Comments on “Buying a computer
  1. I chose to buy a HP Elitebook because Windows is my preferred system to work on. The laptop has a wide screen so it’s easier for me to see my work and it has more then enough space on the hard drive. The Elitebook is also under $1000, which is my limit to pay for an electronic.

  2. i what i pad pro it cost 949.00$ dollars.because i wanted an i pad because when I was little i wanted an i pad. so that why i think i need an i pad pro.

  3. i want an i pad pro it costs 949.00$ dollar i think i need an i pad pro because i think i could use it to help me with my school work like projects and other things.i also think i would help me to go on my teachers class website. it would also be nice to that`s why i think i need an i pad pro.

    • I am glad that you want to go to my website. I try to post all of our assignments, pictures and videos on the site. I have an iPad and wonder how much better the Pro would be. Thanks for commenting @Julio.

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