Blogging to

content suggestions:

Information about class, assignments, daily routine, tasks, etc.
Discussion and comments forum
Class photos and videos
Photos and videos of resources related to classwork
Interesting articles and stories
Vocabulary lists
Links to resources, games, and fun ways to learn English
Cultural stories written by students.

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on “Blogging to
One Comment on “Blogging to
  1. I am from shoes,
    from ________________ and _______________ (products or everyday items in your home)
    I am from the __________________________________________ (description of your home)
    ________________________________________________ (a detail about your home: a smell, taste, or feel)
    I am from the____________________________________ (plant, flower, natural item)
    The _________________________________________ (plant or tree near your home)
    whose long gone limbs I remember
    as if they were my own.
    I’m from _________________________ and ______________________ (a family tradition and family trait)
    from ______________________________ and _______________________________ (family members)
    I’m from _____________________________ and ______________________________ (family habits)
    and from_________________________________. (family habit)
    I’m from __________________________ and ______________________ (things you were told as a child)
    and __________________________________________ (a song or saying you learned as a child)
    I’m from_______________________________________ (a family tradition)
    I’m from ______________________ (place of birth) and ___________________ (family ancestry, nationality
    or place)
    _______________________________and _________________________________ (family foods)
    From ___________________________________________ (a story about a family member)
    ______________________________________ (detail about the story or person)
    _________________________________________ (description of family momentos, pictures or treasures.)
    _________________________ (location of momentos: under my bed, on the wall, in my heart)
    ______________________________________________ (more description if needed)

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