Creating Posters AND Essays

Romeo and Juliet Graphic Essay


Creating posters


There are two parts to this assignment:

1. Create a poster (no tech is poster and markers and high-tech can use wikipage, blog post, Smore online poster, Glog, etc. as poster format) and

2. Written essay about the rationale for choices made.

Here are some examples of past graphic essays: 1  2   3   4

Posters must include:

  • 2 quotes from Romeo and Juliet (you must rewrite quote AND paraphrase it)
  • 10 examples of literary devices from Romeo and Juliet (oxymorons, similes, metaphors, rhymes, asides, soliloquies, paradoxes, foreshadowing, puns, personification, etc.)
  • 3 symbols that represent the themes from play (ie. Heart for ___, etc.)
  • Storyline with at least 10 events from play
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