We are deciphering Shakespearean Language. You will have to decide what the meaning of the statement, the speaker and the person being spoken to.

Characters from Macbeth

Macbeth Scottish general ambitious enough to commit regicide to become king
Lady Macbeth His wife; ambitious; later remorseful
Banquo General, murdered by hired killers
Fleance Banquo’s son
Duncan King of Scotland
Malcolm Eldest son of Duncan, Prince of Cumberland
Donalbain Youngest son of Duncan
Macduff General, dedicated to the good of Scotland
Ross Cousin to Macduff
Lennox Nobleman, loyal to Duncan
Seyton Lieutenant to Macbeth
Siward English Earl, supporter of Malcolm
Young Siward Bravely faces Macbeth though he is killed in battle
Three Witches Predict Macbeth’s ambitions will soon come true; later predict his downfall

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