Monday, 10 22nd

You must turn in Friday’s work Work for English IV if you want it to be included in this semester’s grades.

You will need to complete your photomovie today. You will need to save each of your PowerPoint slides as format ‘jpeg’ and then upload them onto the site. Username and password are buccaneers. Here is an example of one that I did.  Name your photomovie Name’s 4×4


You have a writing assignment to complete before we begin to read Macbeth.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  1. Our fate is predetermined.
  2. It is natural for humans to strive for power.
  3. When in power, humans will do anything to maintain it.
  4. An accomplice is just as guilty as the person who commits a crime.
  5. If you kill, you should be killed in return (“an eye for an eye”).

Select 2 statements and compose a meaningful response Explain why you chose the answer you did in 5-6 sentences. Please include examples to support your viewpoint. These examples can come from your life or movies/books that you are familiar with. You will be posting your explanations onto your Weebly site for a test grade, so be specific! You will need to create a page labeled Macbeth.

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