Monday, October 15th (AP)

Complete this online quiz  and then complete a mini analysis to be posted to the “A Lesson Before Dying” page of your

  • title and author
  • protagonist
  • major characters (excluding protagonist)
  • point of view (be specific 1st, 3rd omniscient, or 3rd limited)
  • setting (time and place)
  • tone (two or three adjectives)
  • irony (2 examples, with brief explanation)
  • symbols (2 repeated objects or motifs, with brief explanation)
  • theme (write a specific sentence about an issue or idea) explanation of title


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on “Monday, October 15th (AP)
3 Comments on “Monday, October 15th (AP)
  1. The authour is Ernest J. Gaines and he wrote A Lesson Before Dying. The antagonist is the white people who Grant feels tries to oppress him by his skin color. The protagonist is Grant because the stroy centers around him because he is trying to keep Jefferson from dying anything other than a man.

  2. Jefferson refused to speak.
    Grant was Jefferson’s teacher.
    Emma was Jefferson’s support.
    Vivan and Grant dated.

    Visitation rights were granted.
    Grant has an education.
    Tante Lou supported Emma.
    Miss Emma loved Jefferson.

    White supremacy was present.
    Coloreds were less educated.
    Gaines wrote this book.
    Louisiana was the setting.

    1940’s was the time .
    A lesson before dying.
    Jefferson recieved death penalty.
    Jefferson isn’t a hog.

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