What is the play about?

Exam this wordle created from the words used in Macbeth and make 3 predictions about what will happen in the play. Use the Predictor Stem Starters below to guide your predictions.

I predict that..
I bet that..
I think that..
I wonder if..

Put leave your 3 predictions as a reply below.

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on “What is the play about?
17 Comments on “What is the play about?
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  2. I predict that this play will have betrayal in it.
    I bet that there will be murder in the play.
    I think that the king will be murdered or have someone murdered.
    I wonder if there will be a lot of romance in this play.

  3. i predict that this play is about a god
    i think this play is about a lady
    i believe this play is about a doctor
    i believe these things because of the works capitalized in the poem

  4. I predict that this is about someone named MacBeth. I bet that MacBeth will die. I think that one of MacBeth’s friends will turn and kill him/her. I wonder if that is possible to happen in real life.

  5. I think this play will be about a King that gets murdered.
    I believe that The witch would give her some medicine and put her to sleep.
    I think more than one person would get killed.

  6. I predict that the play is going to be about something with the lord. I bet this might be a pretty stuipd play. I think it might be interesting at some point. I really wonder what its going to be about.

  7. I predict that god will be involved
    I bet that McBeth will be a big part of the story
    I think that this will be a good play
    I wonder if i was right

  8. I think the king will be murder. There will be three witches. Macbeth, Macduff, Malcolm and lady Macbeth are main characters. I bet the witches and Macbeth killed the king. I predict Duncan came first to see lady Macbeth with the doctor. I wonder if Macbeth lives.

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