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  2. is it possible to commit an act of genuine evil and truly recover from it? i feel that this is actualy true. i know from real life thet if someon has been to jail for commiting a crime once they get out they can change their life around. they can go to church and repent and try to start a better life. once you do something wrong yeah you have to stick with that your whole life but then you can also be like yes i broke the law or yes i commited a murder but im not that same person anymore i changed.

  3. The only “sins” that matter are those that involve real people here on earth, and they are the only ones who decide if you are forgiven or not. Anything else is pointless philosophical hand-waving.

  4. Redemption can be strongly to some people because people just cant forgive others just like that.If you kill someone I dont think people cant forgive for that.

  5. Yes i do believe redemption is possible. One reason being because we are all human. As human beings we all make mistakes. No one is perfect. With that being said i believe that some one can commit pure evil and still ask for redemption. Mainly because we all sin and all sins can be forgiven when we repent.

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