Do the ends justify the means?

That is, if one uses morally evil methods to acquire a goal, is that goal forever tainted or polluted by the actions one has taken to achieve it?

Please consider all questions carefully. These questions are intended to make you ask yourself why you believe as you do, so in your answers for each question, please illustrate the reasoning behind your answer.

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on “Do the ends justify the means?
8 Comments on “Do the ends justify the means?
  1. The answer to this question depends on what the ends or goals are and what means are being used to achieve them. If the goals are good and noble, and the means we use to achieve them are also good and noble, then yes, the ends do justify the means.

  2. Gold is gold no matter how you got it it will remain the same. maybe in few years you might regret doing what you did to get it and feel bad about it but its still going to be gold.

  3. i do believe ends justify the means. however then again i don’t believe it does. One reason being you should work for what you want not take it. A reason i do believe it justifies it because in order to get it the person may have went threw a lot of trouble competing with someone else to who wanted the same thing.

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