Can you respect someone evil?

Is it possible to admire or respect a person whom you know has committed acts of genuine evil?

Please consider all questions carefully. These questions are intended to make you ask yourself why you believe as you do, so in your answers for each question, please illustrate the reasoning behind your answer.

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  2. evil people get to do what they want to and don’t have to suffer the consequences of their actions-it is the easiest way of making money. Although lottery is one of the easiest. Or going to school. Because I didn’t think picking up and putting a book down was all that hard lol. Evil people are taught that by their parents or something.

  3. yes because you admire them for the good things that they have done. Everybody makes mistakes and you cant judge someone for everything bad they have done.

  4. I can not be friends with someone that is truly evil and does evil acts, because I don’t know if that person will try to do something evil to me.

  5. I don’t believe someone evil should be respected. Simply because i don’t feel like people should be committing evil. Why should someone do something evil to someone? You have no idea how that can effect the person the evil is being done to.

  6. When you understand why it is that they behave the way they do in their evil ways you will have a respect for it, that’s just how your heart works. However once you become corrupted by the evil that is something else, and the corruption is inevitable. So yes it is possible, but it is merely your path on the way to destruction

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