Q3: Who is doing something?

Who is stepping up to the ‘plate’ and who isn’t?

Leave a comment in the box below letting my know your ideas. Who is doing what they are supposed to do?

  • Are teachers doing what they should?
  • Are parents doing what they should?
  • Is the government doing what it should?
  • Is the private sector doing what it should?


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on “Q3: Who is doing something?
5 Comments on “Q3: Who is doing something?
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  2. who stepping up to the plate is the students. they want the school to become a better place for then to be in. they figure if they do good then the administrators would step up and do their part. which they aren’t doing. we could be doing our best and they wouldn’t do a thing about it but congratulate us over the intercom.

  3. yes , teachers doing what they suppose to do. They teaching students very well . No , the parents are not doing what they should be doing. If your child dont want to go to school you should make them anyways. The private sector should help the school by saying if someone leave campus and stuff . the students not supose to leave campus at all cause the teachers are responbile. the government should do the same thing as the private sector to me.

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