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Q2: Roles in the school

What role should teachers, parents, the government, and private sector, be playing right now?

Leave a comment in the box below letting my know your ideas.

  • Teachers should…
  • Parents should…
  • Government should …
  • Private sector should…
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on “Q2: Roles in the school
5 Comments on “Q2: Roles in the school
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  2. the role that teachers parents government and private sectors should be playing is trying to better our schools. make them a safe environment to be in.

  3. They faculty members should be worrying about students and their academic level in the classes they are in. They should be worried about the uniforms but not that much. At West Jefferson HS they worry too much about the uniforms than the kids academic level in the classes. The parents should be worrying about their kids grades in the class. Calling teachers and seeing if the kids in on level in class and how are they acting.

  4. teachers should be focused on teaching and not dress code and other rules
    parents should worry about how their kids are doing in school instead of having to meet with the principal about their kid not shaving or missing a belt
    government should stop worrying about healthy lunch and more worried on how the kids are doing in the school
    private sector is exactly how it should be

  5. Teachers should not put in up with bad students. They are teachers not parents . PArents should tell their child to be more respectful . Government should not do nothing . What they should do they not going. Private sector i dont know what that is.

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