Tuesday Entr

You need present your food truck business plans

Here is the form for you to evaluate your competition’s work.

  • Blog post: Write a paragraph introducing yourself to your instructor or recruiter. Address such areas as your background, interests, achievements, and goals.
  • Blog Post: Write four messages of no more than 140 characters each (short enough to work as tweets) to persuade colleges or recruiters to hire you or accept your application. Think of the first message as the “headline” of an advertisement that makes a bold promise regarding your value and worth. The next three messages should be support points that provide evidence to back up the promise made in the first message.
  • Blog Post. Choose a business career that sounds interesting to you and imagine you are getting ready to apply for jobs in that field. Naturally, you want to create a compelling, audience-focused résumé that answers the key questions a hiring manager is most likely to have. Identify three personal or professional qualities you have that would be important for someone in this career field. Write a brief statement (one or two sentences) regarding each quality, describing in audience-focused terms how you can contribute to a company in this respect. Submit your statements via email or class blog.
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