Don’t eat the marshmallow

  1. In 3-4 sentences explain the marshmallow experiment.
  2. After the professor left, how many children ate their marshmallow? How long did they wait before eating it?
  3. What did the other 1/3 of the children do?
  4. Explain Posada’s opinion on the principle for success.
  5. Describe the follow-up study.
  6. What examples does Posada give in defining what success at 18 looks like?
  7. What happened to the kids who did eat their marshmallow before the 15 minutes passed?
  8. What happened when the study was reproduced in other countries?
  9. Why does Posada think it is important for us, in America, to teach delayed gratification?
  10. How can we teach this in schools?
  11. Do you think it would have a big impact on our society if we were able to teach this? Explain your response with evidence from the talk to support your answer.
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