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You need to create a Google Slide presentation for your Entrepreneur Research Project.

I hope that you are researching ONE of the Entrepreneurs from the list and research to get the following information about them:

  1. Who is your Entrepreneur and what is their business name?
  2. Is your entrepreneur alive or deceased? If deceased how/why did they pass away? If they are Alive, how old are they?
  3. What is their business? (What does their business sell/do?) Make sure to explain in details!
  4. When did they start their business?
  5. How successful was it at first?
  6. What influenced them to start their own business?
  7. What obstacles did they come across in order to start up their business?
  8. What education did they earn and where did they earn their education?
  9. Did they have any experience starting a business?
  10. Is their business still running to this day? If so how successful is it?

Google assignments you should have completed.

If you have finished your slides, you need to create a Google Site. Here are your directions for your Google Site.Once you create your site you will need to embed your Google slides.  sites.google.com/

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