Friday, Sept 29th

So far, you should have completed


Celebrity Letter

Register for the blogging challenge

Party Invitation

Wanted poster – there is parchment paper on the blog

Award Certificate

If you haven’t you need to get them done. If you have, you need to work on blog for challenge. Have you……

  • registered for the challenge?
  • added the challenge badge to your blog sidebar?
  • checked you are on the student list only once? If your country is in pink then the URL is incorrect or I need a password to leave a comment – please change privacy settings.
  • written a great first post so your mentor has somewhere to leave you a comment?
  • →check out the Edublogs site for tips and suggestions
    • Add categories (Classwork, SchoolNews, AboutMe) and tags (WordWork, Journal, #17stubc, art, music)

They have a Blogging Bootcamp

Click on a step below to get started:

Step 1: Set up your blog.
Step 2: Create User Avatar and Write Post
Step 3: Set Up About Me Page
Step 4: Add Images to Posts
Step 5: Copyright, Creative Commons and Images
Step 6: Add Widgets
Step 7: Add Videos to Posts
Step 8: Embed Content in Posts
Step 9: Activate plugins

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