Create How To posts


How To, Serious Edition


  • Select a boy/girlfriend
  • Select a teacher
  • Bake a cake
  • Make a video
  • Tailor pants
  • Decorate …
  • Put on makeup
  • Win a game
  • Write directions for an arts & crafts project.
  • Write directions for a science experiment.
  • Give a speech
  • Create a winning post
  • Taking a viral snapchat video
  • Cook ….
  • Write a recipe with instructions.

include photos that illustrate the process.  


How To, Humorous Edition
Now, that you have the serious one out of the way, think of something silly, that is virtually impossible or fantastical.

How to

  • Train your Dragon
  • Be the Mayor
  • Celebrate Christmas in July
  • Run West Jeff
  • Reprogram your Parents, Teachers, Boy/Girlfriends, brothers, …
  • Date a Martian
  • Spend your lottery winnings
  • Build a Time Machine


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