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One Page Movie Review

It is a single-page response that connects the ideas in the movie to your thoughts in a creative way. You will create your One-Pager so your audience will understand the big ideas, themes, or connections within the movie.

What to include:

  1. Write the title of the movie along with the author’s name somewhere on the page.
  2. Select three interesting scenes from the movie and describe them.
  3. Write three personal statements about what you have seen. These are not simple opinions about the material (Example: I really liked this movie because it was funny). These are meaningful statements about what you have read (Example: I could relate to the main character feeling lost in the book, because it reminded me of how I felt when I first got to high school).
  4. Write three meaningful questions about the movie (NOT YES or NO questions). (Example: What does it mean when Charlie refuses Mr. Church’s ’s food?)
  5. Answer your three questions with complete sentences. (Example: Charlie refuses Mr. Church’s food because she is uncomfortable with change.)
  6. Find two songs that represent a theme in the book. List the song title, the singer, and how it connects to the movie.
  7. Draw or create three images that represent themes, characters, conflict, or setting in the book. It is important the visuals have a strong connection to the movie.


Did I do this right?

(1) Does it have all seven required elements? (2) Is it neat and easy to read/understand? (3) Are the quotes, questions, answers, personal statements, songs, and images all meaningful and representative of the novel? (4) Does it fill the entire page?

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