Monday, Sept 19th



Be sure to complete your EverFi Notes for  MODULES 5-7



Career Comparisons

Get Information regarding THREE different jobs.

Job category

  • Job title
  • What does someone with this job do?
  • What is the median salary?
  • How do you get this job?
  • Do you need a college degree?
  • What is the job outlook? (Industry growth)

Using the information above, what do you think are the pros and the cons of this job?

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on “Monday, Sept 19th
One Comment on “Monday, Sept 19th
    PERIOD 4

    My goals after high school. go to college and have a job of times Preserves, I have many dreams and goals, and one of them is to be profersora to help the young as well as I do that we come from our countries with the vision to improve ourselves, it is difficult for our language is another but with effort and dedication we logar our dreams and with God’s help anything is possible.

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