Establishing Credit

Directions: Read and discuss each topic on your blog.

  1. Assume a friend of a friend wants to borrow a moderate sum of money from you. List the information you would want to know about a potential borrower prior to lending them money?
  2. List the ways in which you may be earning credit right now? List any and all of these possibilities. (Include any methods you think may be building your credit even if you are not totally sure we can discuss these as a class later. If you think you are not record that as well).
  3. Discuss and list steps consumers can take to help establish credit for themselves. Be as specific as possible and include as many possibilities as you can think of.

First: Do Now: Test 1 in Typing Club

Second: study flashcards for a quiz at the end of class.

Third :EverFiiiii Module 3 SHOULD BE DONE  Use your flipbook to complete EverFiiiiii

Fourth: Go to How much vocab do you remember?


Because my 1st pd is soooooo awesome, I feel certain that you can push forward to complete Modules 1-4 today.

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