Friday in AP

Today you will need to respond to two posts on the KQED site. Below are some of the topics to choose from.

DO NOW – Is it Art?

Take a look at Wes Naman’s portraits of his friends faces distorted with tape. Do you consider these portraits to be fine art? Tape up your own face and take a picture. Do you feel like you engaged your creativity?

Do Now #57: The President’s Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet is a team of advisors who have run an executive department and have specific expertise in a certain area. The Secretary of State, for instance, advises the president on foreign policy, the Secretary of Defense oversees the military, and the Secretary of the Treasury handles economic policy.

So, if you were to apply to be in the President’s Cabinet, what position would you be best suited for and why? Or what other cabinet positions do you think should be included?

Do Now #58: The Effects of Violence in Media

Is there a link between aggressive behavior and the portrayal of violence in the media? Do movies and/or video games make us violent? Does video game violence affect us differently than movie violence? Please respond to any of these questions.

Do Now #56: Concussions in Sports

Should professional and amateur sports have stricter rules to prevent injuries like concussions? Why or why not? Please provide a suggestion that could tackle this issue.

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