Tuesday, August 21st

Today we will be completing our discussion of Swift’s A Modest Proposal.

You will have a quiz and you must complete the following workbook assignments.

Page 127 line 18 – what is the problem facing nation?

Page 128 lines 37-42 – what words does Swift use to suggest that poor people are not civilized?

  • Lines 43-53 What kind of language does Swift use to describe the births and deaths of the poor and how does this help him to make his point?
  • Page 129 lines 77-81 What words does Swift use to describe healthy children?
  • Lines 93-97 what details does Swift use to support is plan?
  • Page 130 – what is the effect of having a glut of infants on the market?
  • Page 130 lines 128-132 what effect does Swift think his word choice will have on readers?
  • Pages 133-134 what are the benefits of his proposal?
  • Page 140 Complete the Word in Context exercise
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