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Ms. Burton’s English Classes

My name is Valerie Burton and I am an English Teacher at West Jefferson High School. I currently teach Advanced Placement Literature and English IV.

 This blog is our online white/black/chalk board. I post our daily assignments and resources onto this blog so that each of my scholars can see what we are doing daily.

EACH DAY we will visit this blog to see what assignments and notices are being posted.

The assignments for the English IV classes can be found above by clicking the E4 tab and the assignments for the Advanced Placement classes can be found by clicking the AP tab.

Regularly you will be expected to

  • compose an essay
  • evaluate several master texts for the criteria we’re working on
  • compare your own writing with each text
  • analyze the pieces for similarities and
  • apply what you’ve learned by returning to your own writing
  • revise essay using elements based on the ideas we’ve encountered
  • further your understanding by either listening to a podcast, or engaging in your own research of grammar rules
  • create a graphic organizer/infographic or a screencast that identifies the language rules they’ve learned
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